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As an EMS instructor in the early to mid-1980's, I was disappointed in the dirth of useEMS Flagful software available for the prehospital student or professional.  Computer tutorials intended for nursing students were not fully adaptable to the EMS program, and there was little or nothing intended specifically for us.  At a time when most EMT programs were done in-house, handicapped by low budgets, I suppose we were too small of a market.

Finding so little good purpose in so much of what I had purchased, I began to realize that I could do better. And so I did, but that was ten to fifteen years ago, written in Basic, and intended for a DOS operating system.

Over the next few years, I wrote a study program for the EMT-Basic curriculum, which enjoyed a wide distribution as FREEware, as well as a computer tutorial for the BTLS and PHTLS programs, and a rather large and painstakenly researched Medical Terminology program, one that a lot of people used but few paid for. They were released as SHAREware and, with the exception of the Medical Terminology one, they did quite well.

I rewrote the BTLS and PHTLS programs, so that they would install in Windows, and allow the use of a mouse. But although some people didn't know the difference, they were not Windows programs.

The voice of the people have been heard, and it cries for Windows. Why, when OS/2, BE-OS, Linux, and Apple technology are so clearly superior, I will never know. But then, I still can't figure out why people voted for Clinton, so never mind me.

Windows is Microsoft, and resistance if futile.  I've been playing around with C++ Builder and Visual C++, and eventually I'll have a product to sell. It seems there's still a market, as I've yet to see much in the way of worthwhile programs intended for EMTs, Intermediates, or Paramedics. When I have something to sell, it'll be available here.